More unites us

than divides us

Though extreme voices seem intent on dividing us, what Utahns want for ourselves and our families is more similar than different. Many from across the political spectrum are ready for a different approach to politics in our state–a principled one that builds on common ground and respects the will of the people.

A Higher Standard for

the Utah Legislature

I’m running as a candidate with the United Utah Party (UUP), a party focused on countering hyper-partisanship and seeking common ground. As Uniters, we engage with respect, embrace nuance, seek common-sense political reforms, collaborate to solve challenging problems, and put principles above party.

Diverse Viewpoints = Better Decisions

We need more voices at the table. The inclusion of varied perspectives can result in more creative and broadly accepted solutions, and legislation that avoids vetoes, court challenges, and ballot initiatives. I belong to two underrepresented constituencies in the legislature (women and moderates) and would actively seek the perspectives of other underrepresented groups. I would be uniquely positioned to build bridges among disparate voices in the senate and the public.

Kimberly is

committed to


Engage with all constituencies to find common ground and common-sense solutions


Challenge the outsized influence of entrenched politicians and special interests


Strengthen the voices of Utahns underrepresented in the legislature


Respect the voters’ will, especially as expressed through ballot initiatives

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