It’s Time for Political Reform

Business and special interests have an unhealthy level of influence in legislation in Utah. More alarmingly, the Utah Legislature is using its powers to erode checks and balances.

  • Utah is one of only a few states with no limits whatsoever on campaign contributions for legislative races. Incumbents amass contributions year after year from the same lobbyists who request or even draft legislation.
  • One of the most important checks on the legislature is the power of the vote. However, the Utah Legislature just adopted gerrymandered legislative maps that secured the seats of current Republican office-holders, strategically diluting dissenting voters. And they did this against the express will of the majority of Utahns.
  • Two recent bills were passed despite known constitutional concerns and threat of veto. Taxpayers are paying for special sessions and court cases to defend the legislature’s actions.

Our Children Deserve a Healthy and Beautiful Utah, Too

Water Conservation

Water is a vital resource. The alarming position we find ourselves in with respect to the Great Salt Lake has been years in the making. We need to use water efficiently and thoughtfully in agriculture, homes and landscaping, and industry. The legislature is responsible for implementing a legal and infrastructure framework that ensures Utah’s future water needs are met out of decreasing supply.

Air Quality

Our often poor air quality harms our health and our economic prospects. In addition to what we put into our air, our skies are periodically blanketed with smoke from forest fires–even from other states. Moreover, toxic dust blowing from the bed of the drying Great Salt Lake presents an imminent hazard. We need policies that reduce and prevent air emissions. Unfortunately, these policies often have economic impacts. Since the opinions of lobbyists, advocates, and regulators sometimes contradict one another, I’ll seek the most unbiased analysis to make sound decisions and improve our air responsibly.

Let’s Make Schools a Great Place to Work and Learn

Teacher retention is a serious problem in Utah. We need to pay our teachers a competitive wage and treat them like professionals. Recent legislative efforts to micromanage teachers are unnecessary and burdensome. Transparency and curriculum guidance measures are already in place in our public schools. If more are needed, that should be coordinated at the local level, not on Capitol Hill.

Most of my volunteer work has been in our public schools, because I know that education opens doors. My dad was the first person in his family to go to college, ultimately getting his Ph.D. and becoming an educator himself.

People Need Homes

Houses and apartments are expensive and in short supply. This is a boon for existing homeowners, but young people and members of the working class are priced out almost everywhere. Housing is a necessity, and we need a healthy mix of price points and housing types (including accessory dwelling units, single-family, and multi-family options).

Mental Health to Live and Thrive

Mental health challenges have reached epidemic proportions in Utah, especially among our youth. We lose a heartbreaking number of Utahns to suicide. Access to mental health care is a public issue. We need to work to improve information about–and access to–mental health care treatment.

Why A Third Party? Oct 30, 2022

Dear Fellow Utahn,

My name is Kimberly Wagner, and I would like to be your next State Senator. 

In my first email, I mentioned being a member of the Utah United Party. Many of you asked what that means. So, here’s a quick introduction. 

What draws me to this party over either established party is the focus on how representative government should operate. To me, the current two-party system fails the public interest. The parties bundle ideologies together and expect voters to swallow it whole. They solicit and accept vast amounts of money to fund the operation. 

In contrast, the UUP is for good government, pure and simple. Its platform states: :

The United Utah Party is focused on good government – the process by which our laws are made and executed. We believe that good government requires transparency, fairness, and a robust and civil debate. We believe that public policy should ultimately reflect the will of the people. Public servants must act with integrity and according to their oaths of office.

I would not ask you to leave your party or betray your own beliefs. What I do want is for us to meet the ideals of our American democratic republic. To me, that means that every so often, when neither major party truly represents us, we should exercise our right as voters to correct the system.

As always, I would like the opportunity to meet you. I can be reached by phone at 801-923-4151 and welcome your call.

Warm regards,


Introduction Oct 17, 2022

Dear Fellow Utahn,

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Kimberly Wagner, and I hope to represent you in the Utah State Senate.

Here’s my question. Do you think a baby born today will be able to afford a home in your neighborhood in 20 or 30 years?

Here’s why I’m asking. If homes are already expensive and out of reach for many, what should we do to help the next generation? Too many newsmakers and lawmakers are quick to hand us simplistic explanations (e.g., It’s Biden’s fault! It’s Trump’s fault!) rather than truthful answers and well-thought-out solutions. 

I could also have asked, will kids born today grow up to have a Great Salt Lake? Will they have an education that prepares them to thrive in a changing economy? Will they know liberty and opportunity? The future isn’t cast; the answers lie in what we do now.

This is why I decided to jump into the race for state senate. I’m a mini-van driving mom with a PhD in business. I admit freely that I don’t have all the answers. What I offer you is the determination to bring together and listen to stakeholders and experts in order to find sensible solutions that are based on common ground.

People from across the political spectrum say they’re ready for a moderate, principled, approach to lawmaking. I ask questions and listen with an open mind. I’ll use this approach to tackle the pressing issues affecting both current and future generations of Utahns.

If we haven’t met yet, I’d like to do so. You can find upcoming events on my website,, along with my background and policy priorities. I’m also available to talk by phone at 801-923-4151 and welcome your call. 

Warm regards,


Paid for by the Campaign to Elect Kimberly Wagner